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"Na Megdana" - Club for Bulgarian Folk Dances

Club for Bulgarian folk dance "Na megdana" Sofia took part in the National Festival of Folk Clubs "Thracian rosary" (Trakiiska broenitsa) 2012 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.
Starts another new group for beginners!

New "Megdantsi" will dancing Bulgarian folk dances every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 19:30.

First rehearsal - on 11.01.2011 (Tuesday), 18:30 Hall of Triada Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria (zh.k.Geo Milev by Festival Hall). There are changing rooms, showers, sauna, cafe.

Opportunity to issue monthly cards:

There are still a limited number of places!

Phone contact and booking - 0888 049 700 - Daniel Kostov.

Let's dance together!
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